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Did SOMEONE JUST HIT YOU? SOMEONEJUSTHITME.COM will go to you and help immediately! Our Accident response Units are equipped to help at an accident scene before or even after the police arrive! CALL US NOW at (855) SJHM.COM and give us your location or click here and, based on availability, a unit will be dispatched to your location immediately FOR FREE. At we are dedicated to service.
Call an Accident response Unit NOW! We will help immediately by bringing:
• Reflective road safety vests to keep everyone safe;
• Emergency flares so oncoming drivers can tell an accident is ahead;
• Beverages and snacks to help make everyone just a bit more comfortable.
Our Drivers will:
• Help keep everyone safe with proper roadside equipment;
• Take Photographs of the damage to all vehicles and property involved at the scene;
• Take written statements from any witnesses at the scene
• Draw a diagram of the scene to help with the investigation
• Provide the requesting party with a ride to the shop where their vehicle is towed, the hospital where friends and family are being taken, or home;
To protect your rights and maximize your recovery, you should take immediate action after a crash. We can send investigators to the accident scene right away to document and preserve crucial evidence before it is lost or destroyed.