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According to the Center for Disease Control, a pedestrian is injured every 7 minutes by a negligent or reckless driver. More than 70,000 people are injured as pedestrians and an estimated 4,000 pedestrians are killed when they are hit by cars each year. Even when pedestrian accidents aren’t fatal, they can be debilitating and cause life-changing injuries. Pedestrians who are injured by cars are sometimes left with broken bones and even traumatic brain injuries. Some of these injuries can forever impact the person’s ability to work. Some of these injuries render pedestrians unable to take care of themselves at all by being rendered paralyzed or brain damaged to the extent that living independently is made impossible.
The trained legal staff at can get you justice if you or someone you love has been injured as a pedestrian! You or your loved one are entitled to loss of earnings, medical bills incurred, future medical expenses for care, and pain and suffering. We here at have obtained justice for many people who were injured as pedestrians.
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